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computer Aided Surgeries
Computer Aided Surgeries…
Computer Aided Surgeries Computer aided surgeries are primarily done with the help of HD Video Cameras, whose high resolution footage is then received on a high speed computer armed with a super fast processor. The availability of high resolution footage during the operation makes things relatively easy for the surgeons, and they are able to maintain a high degree of precision and accuracy in their operative procedures.

The incorporation of high definition Video Cameras and high speed Computers into operative medical procedures has helped Orthopaedic Surgeons to perform these critical procedures of the joints with minimal incision to the affected area. With the help of these cameras, Orthopaedic Surgeons now are able to align the bones and joints of the patients with much greater accuracy. A great improvement from the past, when the slightest possibilities of misalignment always remained due to the operative procedure being conducted by the surgeon’s naked eye.
With the help of a Computer-aided surgery, the patient now is almost assured that the surgery being done on the affected joint is indeed going to bring positive results. Moreover, with the beginning of minimal evasive surgeries now, the patient is also subjected to a lesser amount of pain during the procedure. Small-incision surgeries are definitely a miracle created by great advancements in technology both for the Surgeons as well as their patients. While the Surgeons have benefited in terms of accuracy and precision, the patients are definitely a much happier lot with minimal invasive surgeries paving a way for faster recovery with less pain and discomfort.
Typically, the main components of a Computer aided surgery include…
arow The computer system
arow Cameras
arow Software
arow Specialized surgical instruments
arow Physician training
Surgeons specializing in these surgeries have already undergone a special training program to learn the use of this technology. Looking at the vast benefits of these surgeries, it is no doubt that this technology is going to be the technology of the world in the times ahead.
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