Hip and Knee fractures Specialties
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Hip and Knee fractures Specialties
Hip and Knee fractures Specialties
Hip and Knee fractures Specialties
Hip and knee injuries are often the most common among people of all age groups, and most of the times they caused by an accident. In other cases, they could be caused by various other reasons like old age, arthritis related problems etc. The facilities available at our healthcare center are well equipped to address virtually all kinds of hip and knee fracture instances such as the ones given below here…
arow Fracture & Strains of hip
arow Dislocation of hip
arow Dysplasia of hip
arow Arthritis of hip
arow Pelvis Fractures
arow Young/Adult Hip Disease
arow Avascular Necrosis
arow Injury to the Knee Ligament
arow Fractures of Knee
arow Arthritis of the Knee
Among the most common signs of these fractures include difficulty in mobility, unbearable pain, swelling in the affected area, stiffness in joints and a general feeling of weakness in the affected person. The most likely treatments of these fractures may include hip replacement, hip revision, knee replacement, knee revision or partial knee replacement as well in some cases.
Pelvis fractures Specialties…
pelvis Our pelvic bone fracture treatment is entirely based on the severity of the pelvic fracture. A normal course of treatment may include complete bed rest, use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines for reducing pain, use of narcotic pain medications and surgery.

Surgery for a pelvic fracture may be required if the damage to the bones is severe, and requires fixing with the help of pins into the bones from the outside. Depending on the extent of damage, treatment for a severe pelvic bone fracture could also include intravenous fluids, a blood transfusion, and surgery.
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Hip and Knee fractures Specialties
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